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NOMO, Norberto Morales, Latin American figurative artist born in Puerto Rico who paints scenes of everyday life, capturing faces, forms and figures of the people that surround him.


“Far from idealism, NOMO’s work is an attempt to capture the inside and not the physical aspect. He succeeds in reaching the viewer through a psychological connection between the model and the viewer, without the model looking directly at you, and establishes a relationship where dialogue takes place without distance, an intimacy between the contemplator and what is being contemplated.” Painter and Maestro Ramón Bulerín in the review of NOMO’s first solo exhibition, at the Art League of San Juan, June 2012.

Norberto Morales graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico and is a pioneer in web site design through NOMO Designs. Since 2008 NOMO has been an active member of the Puerto Rico artistic community. He has taken painting courses in San Juan with Rafael Rivera Ortiz, Luis Ivorra and Ramón Bulerín; in New York with Peter Cox; and in Atlanta with David Schevlino.

NOMO’s paintings have been included in collective exhibits in various museums, galleries and venues in Puerto Rico, including: “The Photojournalism Collective Workshop” (2010); “From Tapestry to Placemat” at the State Elections Commission of Puerto Rico (2011); “And your Grandma, where is she?” at the Arecibo Art Museum (2012); “Campechada” (2011, 2012 and 2013); “Customs” (2012) at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the School of Architects and Landscaping Architects of Puerto Rico; and the Commemoration of Poet Julia de Burgos Centenary (2014), at Museum Casa Escuté in Carolina. After the exhibition, "Las Tres Julias" became part of the City of Carolina collection.

In 2012 NOMO had his first solo exhibition, “Gente: Dándole Vuelta a lo Cotidiano” (People: Turning Around Everyday Life), reviewed in El Vocero newspaper and in Latin American Art Magazine, which also presented an article about his work and trajectory.

In January 2014 the Arana Foundation Gallery presented his second solo exhibition, “Color Humano (Human Color), as part of the San Sebastian Festival in San Juan, where he presented a series of oil paintings, once again showing his technical expertise and mastery of light and color.

In December 2013 NOMO made a crossover, presenting his work in Spectrum Miami, part of the internationally known Art Basel week in Miami, Florida. In April 2014 NOMO participated in ArtExpo New York, in New York City and sold various of his paintings.

NOMO resides in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and goes forth on a journey to remote parts of the island to study the lighting, the scenes, the points of view, the composition and the framing that provides the image which serves him as an inspiration and moves him to paint. NOMO shows us what he sees around him, transforming those scenes into a new paradigm. “He highlights each of the characters in an atmosphere radiant with light which pours inside out from the works, using the color that floats on the surface, giving a tenuous aspect to his paintings, creating a visual feast where our senses succumb to the joy one receives from a well done composition.” Latin American Art Magazine June 2012.

  • Portrait Painting, Daniel Greene, Portrait Painting Workshop, North Salem, NY, 2014
  • Painting, David Shevlino, The Art School in Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA, 2013
  • Painting, Peter Cox, New York Art Students League, New York, NY, 2011
  • Painting, Luis Ivorra, Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2010
    Painting, José Osorio Bulerín, Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2010
  • Painting, Juan Ramón Velázquez, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2009
  • Portrait Drawing, María Antonia Ordóñez , Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2009
  • Watercolor Painting, Rafael Rivera Ortíz, Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2008
  • Human Figure Drawing, Rafael Rivera Ortíz, Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2008
  • Ceramic, Jaime Suárez, Taller de Bellos Oficios, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1979
  • Photography, School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, 1977
  • Watercolor Painting, Ramiro Pazmiño, Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de Arecibo, 1974
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